Polka Math: Tritsch Tratsch Addition - Innovative addition board game.

Polka Math: Tritsch Tratsch Addition is a innovative board game of addition where you drag and drop math cards onto the math board to add 2 numbers, the math board is made up of empty cells which are arranged from right to left by place values, there is a dice palette of math cards which are placed on the left, right and bottom of the math board which have spots from 1 to 6 like on a dice.

  •  Adding is as simple as dragging and dropping math cards onto the appropriate place value cells on the board.
  •  Drag back the math cards from the board to the dice palette to change your answer. 
  •  1 thousand addition games are generated on the fly with 5 levels and each level having different class of complexity and variety of numbers.
  •  Supports addition of whole numbers and decimals up to 1 million.
  •  5 levels with each level having different class, each class presents numbers such as multiples or five or ten, addition with and without regrouping.
  •  Helps kids in mental math by improving mental ability to visualise number patterns and to mentally solve number problems.
  •  Kids get a better understanding of numbers and their place values. 
  • Curriculum wise it will suit kids from grade 1 to 6 but even adults will enjoy playing this game.

Play and learn the meaning of addition.