Learn math on the go, key in any decimal or whole number addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem of your choice and it is solved and explained step by step in pics, parents, teachers and kids can learn, teach and discuss math in pics.

  • Decimal point: addition and subtraction of decimals including a mix of whole numbers and decimals, decimal fraction addition and subtraction of tenths, hundredths and thousandths in pics.
  • Practice feature (pencil icon): practice unlimited problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division by keying in any problem of your choice and choosing the operator and tapping the pencil icon.
  • Times table : Learn times table from 1 to 12 in pics of guitars, bicycles, football, lollipops etc.
  • Arithmetic features: column addition with carrying, subtraction with regrouping (take ahead and take further down), long multiplication, long division, division with and without remainder.
  • Step Tap: tap on a step to get a detailed explanation of that step in pics.

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Life is all about memories and experiences, use Scribere (Journal, Notes, Diary, Memoir, Event Catalogue) to express your thoughts and experiences and capture that special moment and write about it, make notes about historical facts and events spanning millenniums.

  • Day Tap : Tap on a day on the calendar and write about each day. 
  • Day Topics : Add multiple topics for the day, as many as you want.
  • Day Photos : Add multiple photos for the day as many as you want and write about each photo, take a photo or pick one from the device.
  •  Move, edit, arrange & delete: Move your topics up or down for a day, move your photo or photos from one topic to other, delete topics or photos.
  • Days View : View all your written entries in a calendar view, tap on the bookmark in the calendar to view and edit the entry.
  •  Pick any day : You can pick any day from the last 2 millennium or the current millennium
  • All Years View : A view for all your entries by years and month, scroll and tap on the month to view all entries for the month.

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